Pasta with Mussels and Pecorino Romano

pasta with mussels and pecorinoPasta with mussels and pecorino romano cheese is a particular dish that will make many people turn up their noses but my advice is definitely to try it. In fact, at least on paper, the idea of ​​combining fish and cheese has never made me crazy too, however, I must tell you the truth … mussels with pecorino romano cheese are really good for us. For the realization of the dish instead of the usual spaghetti, this time I opted for the calamarata. The only real difficulty in making the dish is managing the flavor because obviously the mussels and pecorino romano cheese are two rather salty ingredients. Continue reading “Pasta with Mussels and Pecorino Romano”

Pasta Carbonara (Italian Traditional Spaghetti)

pasta carbonaraPasta carbonara is among the most famous typical dishes of Italian cuisine and in particular Lazio / Roman cuisine known all over the world.
Its origins are as ancient as they are humble, in fact it was prepared by the shepherds and charcoal burners who in their periods of transhumance, away for days from the home, had with them all ingredients that did not deteriorate quickly, produced with their own work and therefore contemplated also eggs, guanciale and pecorino cheese. Continue reading “Pasta Carbonara (Italian Traditional Spaghetti)”

Pasta Amatriciana (Original Italian Sauce)

pasta amatricianaPasta Amatriciana as well as the cacio e pepe, carbonara and gricia, represent the cornerstones of Roman cuisine. The origins of this dish can be attributed to the pastoral world and in particular to the periods of transhumance in which the shepherds of the area between Abruzzo and Lazio, having to stay away from home for several months, brought with them a few tasty and not easily perishable ingredients. Continue reading “Pasta Amatriciana (Original Italian Sauce)”

Roman Style Tripe (or Trippa alla Romana)

roman style tripeTrippa alla romana (or Roman Style Tripe) is one of the classics of Roman and Lazio cuisine in general, a second course or rather a single dish, often underestimated perhaps due to its not exactly pleasant appearance.
For tripe, in fact, we mean the stomach of the bovine and in butchers it is sold already clean, pre-cooked and sometimes already cut into strips.
Tripe is high in protein, low in fat, tasty and above all inexpensive. As an original recipe, impossible to go wrong, we will rely on that of the very nice and unforgettable Lady Sora Lella, a Roman DOC. Continue reading “Roman Style Tripe (or Trippa alla Romana)”

Cacio e Pepe Pasta (or Cheese and Pepper Pasta)

cacio e pepe pasta – cheese and pepper pastaOne of the cornerstones of Roman / Lazio cuisine is the cacio e pepe pasta from which, by varying some ingredients, the very famous gricia, amatriciana and carbonara derive.
The context in which cacio e pepe pasta originated is the poor one linked to sheep farming and transhumance.
Cacio e pepe pasta is only apparently a simple dish in fact, those who decide to make it for the first time, if they do not pay the right attention, risk causing the cheese to coagulate, irreparably ruining the final result. Continue reading “Cacio e Pepe Pasta (or Cheese and Pepper Pasta)”