Tiramisu (Classic Italian Recipe)

tiramisuTiramisu is probably the most popular and appreciated Italian dessert in the world. The uncertain origins date it back to the 60s before this date in fact, there is no historical trace. Tiramisu is considered a typical dessert of both Veneto and Friuli. Over the years, several changes have been made to the traditional recipe and in fact, today, there are several variations such as pasteurized tiramisu (To avoid the consumption of raw eggs), Nutella tiramisu, strawberry tiramisu, etc.

Ingredients for 4 people

150 gr of Savoiardi (biscuits)
3 medium eggs
250 gr of Mascarpone
75 gr of Sugar
Sifted bitter cocoa to taste
4 cups of long coffee (from Moka)
1 glass of Marsala (optional)

The first step in the preparation of tiramisu is to prepare the coffee… It is better to do it immediately because it will have to cool down so as not to literally melt the savoiardi. So he can do it in the meantime that we are going to make the mascarpone cream.
Subsequently we will go to separate the yolks from the whites by placing it in two different bowls.
In the first bowl, using an electric whisk, whip the egg yolks gradually adding the sugar. When a cream with a frothy consistency has formed, spoon by spoonful, we will also incorporate the mascarpone and then the glass of Marsala. This step will take us for about ten minutes.
In the other bowl, however, we will whip the egg whites until stiff and then move them to the bowl with the mixture made from egg yolks and mascarpone. Gently mix everything, from bottom to top with a whisk, by hand, being careful not to dismantle everything.
In a baking dish spread a first light layer of mascarpone cream. On top of this we will lay the savoiardi soaked in coffee. On top of the first layer of savoiardi we will add another layer of mascarpone cream and then a last layer of ladyfingers always soaked in coffee at room temperature. We will finish with a last layer of mascarpone cream. Let the tiramisu rest for a couple of hours, covered and in the fridge. Before serving it, let’s sprinkle it with sifted bitter cocoa.

Variants and Curiosities

  • Not infrequently, chocolate chips are placed on top of cocoa.

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