Blini (or Russian Crepes)

bliniBlini are one of the most frequent and ancient dishes of Russian cuisine.
The recipe, at least as regards the aesthetic result, is very similar to that of crepes.

Blini are prepared and consumed immediately seasoned according to tradition with red caviar (ikra) or smetana or other ingredients that can vary from sweet to savory according to personal tastes. Continue reading “Blini (or Russian Crepes)”

Shuba – Herring Under a Fur Coat Salad

shuba - herring under a fur coatA very famous salad in Russia and in general throughout Eastern Europe is the Herring Under the Fur Coat (Selyodka Pod Shuboi) known more simply as “Shuba”.

The name derives from the fact that, by construction, the herring is covered in layers of other ingredients and looks almost as if it is inside a fur coat.

It is a dish that is made mainly for the holidays and in particular for the New Year. Continue reading “Shuba – Herring Under a Fur Coat Salad”