Pasta with Tenerumi (or Taddi) – Sicilian Culture

pasta with tenerumi – taddiPasta with tenerumi is a highly popular dish in Sicily but is almost unknown in the rest of Italy. Let’s start by clarifying what is meant by tenerumi.
This word indicates the leaves of the “Lagenaria longissima”, an extremely pale green zucchini, typical of the place, which can reach up to one and a half meters in height. The tenerumi are only available during the summer so remember that you are about to prepare a dish that will make you feel quite hot… Continue reading “Pasta with Tenerumi (or Taddi) – Sicilian Culture”

Baked Anelletti – Sicilian Pasta Rings

sicilian anelletti – pastaThe Baked Anelletti are a typical Sicilian pasta shape that are generally baked in the oven. Here they are enhanced by seasoning them with Sicilian ragù and other ingredients such as aubergines and toasted breadcrumbs. Today we will first make the sicilian sauce (ragu) and then the baked pasta.

Ingredients for 8-10 people
1 kg of Anelletti
Sicilian Sauce – ragu (1 kg of minced meat) Continue reading “Baked Anelletti – Sicilian Pasta Rings”