Roman Style Tripe (or Trippa alla Romana)

roman style tripeTrippa alla romana (or Roman Style Tripe) is one of the classics of Roman and Lazio cuisine in general, a second course or rather a single dish, often underestimated perhaps due to its not exactly pleasant appearance.
For tripe, in fact, we mean the stomach of the bovine and in butchers it is sold already clean, pre-cooked and sometimes already cut into strips.
Tripe is high in protein, low in fat, tasty and above all inexpensive. As an original recipe, impossible to go wrong, we will rely on that of the very nice and unforgettable Lady Sora Lella, a Roman DOC. Continue reading “Roman Style Tripe (or Trippa alla Romana)”

Meatloaf – Italian Polpettone

meatloaf - italian polpettoneMeatloaf is a dish that is given a cylindrical shape based on minced meat (pork-beef) mixed with various ingredients, usually baked in the oven and sometimes stewed. It can be considered indifferently a second course or even a single dish.

It does not have a territorial character, it is cooked not only throughout Italy but also abroad. Obviously it can have numerous variations based on the ingredients that we intend to use from time to time to fill it. Continue reading “Meatloaf – Italian Polpettone”