Roman Style Tripe (or Trippa alla Romana)

roman style tripeTrippa alla romana (or Roman Style Tripe) is one of the classics of Roman and Lazio cuisine in general, a second course or rather a single dish, often underestimated perhaps due to its not exactly pleasant appearance.
For tripe, in fact, we mean the stomach of the bovine and in butchers it is sold already clean, pre-cooked and sometimes already cut into strips.
Tripe is high in protein, low in fat, tasty and above all inexpensive. As an original recipe, impossible to go wrong, we will rely on that of the very nice and unforgettable Lady Sora Lella, a Roman DOC.

1 kg of Tripe (precooked)
800 gr of peeled Tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste
1 clove of Garlic
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1 stick of Celery
1/2 glass of dry White Wine
150 gr of grated Pecorino Romano Cheese
4/5 leaves of Roman Mint
3 Cloves
3 pinches of Salt
ChilliPpepper to taste
1 glass of Water

The preparation of Trippa alla Romana (or Roman style tripe) is quite simple and takes about an hour and a half to cook.
Let’s start immediately with dicing onion, carrot, celery and garlic, let’s use them to make a nice sauté.
If not already cut, cut the tripe into strips of about 1 cm and add it to the sauté as soon as it starts to sizzle. We also add the chilli, salt, mint, 2/3 of the grated pecorino romano cheese and cloves.
Let it all flavor by cooking it over low heat for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. At this point we blend everything with the white wine.
Add the previously crushed peeled tomatoes and let them cook with the lid on for about ten minutes.
At this point we dilute everything with half a glass of water and stirring occasionally we bring to the end of cooking always with the lid. It will take about an hour and in any case we must check that the consistency of the tripe is not rubbery but soft.
Our Trippa alla Romana (or Roman style tripe) is ready! Serve it on the plate and sprinkle it with the remaining grated pecorino romano cheese garnishing with a mint leaf.

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